A virtual shareholder meeting allows participants to securely attend general meetings, via an online platform that registers them, allows them to ask questions and participate electronically in real-time, as opposed to having a physical presence at the meeting.


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In the light of the Covid-19 pandemic, the COVID-19 (Temporary Measures) Act 2020 was passed in Parliament on 7 Apr 20 and Part 4 on Alternative Arrangements for the Conduct of Meetings came into operation with retrospective effect from 27 Mar 20.  On 13 Apr 20, the Minister for Law issued the COVID-19 (Temporary Measures) (Alternative Arrangements for Meetings of Companies, Variable Capital Companies, Business Trusts, Unit Trusts and Debenture Holders) Order 2020 to prescribe the alternative arrangements which were deemed to have come into effect on 27 Mar 20.

In compliance with the Government’s legislation for alternative arrangements for the conduct of meetings, Trusted Services brings to you - virtual shareholder meetings. 

How it Works

Shareholders pre-register online in a secure platform for the webcast meeting, submitting the necessary details.

The list of registrants is verified against the 72-hr shareholder listings. 

Chairman of meeting to be appointed as Proxy. E-proxy submissions are being developed and coming soon!  

A confirmation/reminder email is sent out to the verified shareholders, a day before the meeting, to access the webcast for the meeting. 

Webcast services: Depending on your conferencing needs, we work with a host of webcast service providers. Talk to us more about your requirements.  

Online voting through our platform is being developed and coming soon!


Pre-Registration and Webcast Services

Pre-registration allows shareholders to be given unique credentials for their digital participation by webcast at general meetings. These are fully authenticated at point of use.


OPR Security Features


Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). 2FA is required for Administrator Logins. Administrator access can only be gained with the mandatory use of a 6 Digit PIN sent to the Administrator’s registered mobile device.


Industry Standard Data Encryption. Data at rest is AES 256-bit encrypted.  The data in transit is secured via 256-bit HTTPS/SSL encryption and can only be accessed via a 2FA. 


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TrustPoll - Voting and Proxy Services

Our TrustPoll service is a patented electronic poll voting system which gives you a seamless end to end polling process. Fast, accurate, real-time registration and poll voting with prompt results display, with the ability to generate more than 10 comprehensive reports. 


Enter proxy votes into the TrustPoll system

Generate progressive Proxy Summary reports

Prepare PowerPoint slides of resolutions

Upload 72-hr shareholder listings and verify shareholders using the TrustPoll system

Event Day

Display resolutions and results


Generation of the Scrutineer's Certificate for Scrutineer sign off.

Provide SGX Announcement in pdf, excel and word